Sunday, June 8, 2008

reunion update

Anonymous maren said...

Thanks for setting this up, Dave! The latest from Jody on the reunion is that June 2009 was fully booked when she called to reserve on June 2, 2008 (the 1st was a Sunday and she figured this Lutheran place would be closed on Sunday but NO apparently not.) So she can call July 1 for July of 2009 and that is currently the plan. I told her to try to get as early as possible in July, so we'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

my first time using the blog by Terri Jensen

David is helping me learn how to use the blog over the phone. Look at me, I can post photos! If I can do it, anyone can!
-Terri Jensen


This is what I'd like to call the Jensen Connection. It could be a good place to keep in touch. It might even be another alternative to our monthly family letter. (not replacing, but maybe adding to it.) The good thing about this is that it is easy to go back to view the old posts/letters from members of the family and members can easily post photos or links to help describe the events in their lives.

If for no other reason, this might be a good place to help work out the details for the family reunion in 2009 in South Carolina. We can post updates and keep in touch.

We can also post photos and info on the places we will stay and activities we could be planning. I could print tshirts again, if you'd like. We can submit ideas, drawings, pictures, etc. here...for tshirts and/or the reunion.

So, shall we start blogging?

Welcome Milo Jensen family tree...

David P. Jensen

P.S. Email me if you'd like the login information so you can start posting on the page. Also note it is very easy to comment on each post as well. Just click on the comment link below this post. :)

The picture is of Annelise welcoming you.